The Magic Mirror is a fun filled interactive photo booth suitable for all. Touch the screen to start, strike a pose and let the Magic Mirror capture you! You can accept or retake until you have the image you most want.

On the Homepage of this website scroll down and click on the video to watch The Magic Mirror at play. In Portfolio click on the image displayed to access a gallery of photographs from the Magic Mirror.

At the event the Magic Mirror prints photographs for you to keep. The prints can have white or patterned borders and personalised text can be added. There is also the option to sign and/or draw on the images. After the event I can share all the images in digital format.

The Magic Mirror works well without a background screen but I have a chose of 6 background screen if preferred. Please see Portfolio for photographs of the available screens.

I stay with the Magic Mirror at each event, offering assistance or stepping back as best suits you.

I work independently and can offer a degree of flexibility to best suit each event.

I am Brighton based but can travel

The Magic Mirror hires for £500 for 4 hours

For more details or to inquire about making a booking please email

Best Wishes